M-netic SYSTEM


The M-netic hubs are the latest product by SOUL-KOZAK. M-netic is a revolutionary ratchet gear system using annular magnets whose magnetic force allows a ratchet ring to engage the cassette body with even force. The M-netic system is yet another innovative design of SOUL-KOZAK's owner and head engineer, Mariusz Kozak.

M-netic is used in new generation ROAD and MTB hubs. The previous models of SOUL-KOZAK hubs used the popular 3-pawl gear device. In March 2007 came the idea of using magnetic force of annular magnets in the design of a new type of rear hub gear mechanism. Two months later a prototype was already being tested by the manufacturer. In case of the classic gear mechanism with a number of pawls, failure of one of the pawls to engage properly would create an uneven distribution of forces which would eventually damage the cassette body. Additionally, the 6803 and 6802 type bearings would wear quickly. The invention of M-netic system allowed to create a failure-free rear hub; lack of pawls and springs made the design much simpler as it consists of much fewer parts, and the decreased weight of the new design allowed the use of much tougher bearings.

The idea of a magnetic gear device was born in 2007, when Mariusz Kozak went to Switzerland to visit his brother, a CERN scientist. While in CERN, he had the opportunity to see the Large Hadrons Collider (LHC) and the world's largest electromagnet (superconducting solenoid) which creates a very strong magnetic field in the CMS experiment. That's when he learnt that most CERN experiments used magnetic field. Situated 100 meters under ground, the LHC is a magnetic tunnel where hadrons beams are precisely controlled by means of magnetic field. Inspired by the vast possibilities of magnetic field, Mariusz Kozak decided to use it in the design of his latest rear hub. After preliminary calculations, a prototype of the magnetic hub with two annular magnets was made. Extensive tests proved that the M-netic system is perfectly reliable, even in muddy and wet conditions and at high torque. The M-netic rear hub is a reflection of SOUL-KOZAK's advanced technologies and care for details.   

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Compared to the classic rear hubs with small pawls and springs which are sensitive to fatigue, dirt and moisture, M-netic is much more reliable, lighter, capable of managing higher torque, and the cassette is engaged faster and more smoothly. Unlike the spring-mounted pawls, magnetic field does not corrode. Also, dirt does not diminish the effectiveness of the entire system and does not increase parts wear. Sturdy and tough engaging teeth on the ratchet ring and the cassette, which are made of properly heat treated steel, provide failure-free action of the drive device. M-netic rear hubs consist of fewer parts and their servicing is very easy. 




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